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Armed / Unarmed Man Guarding
Executive Protection
Tracking and Monitoring 24/7 Canstars Ops Room with Quick Response Capability
Convoys and evacuation
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Special Events
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Cash in Transit - Money Transfer
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Canstars Security Services Egypt has been established by a team of highly professional executives in March of 2011. The Company is registered as a share holding corporation, (S.A.E.), under Egyptian law.

Since its' inception, Canstars Egypt has managed to create a strong reputation in the security service industry through its personal attention to all aspects of its' services. Our highly qualified management team has the diverse background and experience to provide an in depth-managed professional Security Services to our clients. This service is both reflected and administrated by way of personnel selection, in-house and on-the job training, supervision of operations, and communications. We also work hard to ensure that the systems and procedures put in place are carried out to the highest standards for the protection of the client's property, assets, staff, visitors, etc.

The multiple roles now expected of the professional Security Officer have always been clearly understood and adhered to by Canstars Egypt through training modules provided to our staff. We also ensure that our staff utilizes this training daily in their job functions with the knowledge that they are in the 'front line', impacting such things as:

  • Liability Reduction.
  • Image Projection.
  • Public Relations.
  • Safety and Security.
  • Liaison with the Governmental Services (Police/Fire/Medical)
  • Assist protection, among others.

Security officers are the first to be in contact with the public, the clients' customers, and their staff, while acting as both ambassadors to our clients and our company, Canstars Egypt.

We look forward to both building and redefining the standards of professional security services in Egypt. Our commitment towards providing world-class, fully integrated security solutions to our clients should directly distinguish our company as the leading security provider in this market. The future for such services in this industry is very promising.



    Dr. Nader Rizkalla


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